Angry Bull Racing

Play the Bull racing game in new style! Bull racing is going to rock, now play and be the racing champion of danger bull arenas. Danger bull simulation is a famous game in many Asian countries as we all know that bullfight is popular sports and festival in Spain and other European countries. I am sure bull racing is a new idea of racing. So, get ready to enjoy this newest crazy bull simulation game in 2018. Feel the thrill and excitement of real bull riding in this simulator game. We are going to present you a new type bull racing 3D game. In this bullfight game, you will have dangerous bulls with many interesting missions.


As we all know animal racing is very difficult and harmful sometimes it creates serious trouble for the audience who are watching this. Try this bullfight game with vast categories of bulls which will give you an unforgettable moment of life in racing. You have to focus on animal racing skills if you want to win this tournament. So become the master of bull racing simulation by playing our new crazy bull racing championship. This bull game challenge is free of cost. So let’s start the game and enjoy the event of bull fighting in android platform.


This bull riding contest has many interesting levels and, on every level, there are exciting and thrilling challenges to play. Complete all levels and become the master of this bullfight championship. Enjoy the realistic sound and animation of various bulls in this bull simulation. For winning reach, the finishing line beat other bulls. Have fun playing the race between the bull’s event. Enjoy every thrilling scene of tournament and dancing the audience by winning the match in championship.


Features include:

  • Addictive and thrilling missions for bull racing
  • Multiple and difficult bull racing levels
  • Fantastic and smooth controls
  • 3D environment for racing
  • Amazing graphics