Car Parking Mega Puzzle






















Parking lots can be stressful…especially when all the other cars are being driven by dummies who keep on blocking your way!

Get ready to prove everyone what an amazing and smooth driver you are in this clever new version of the classic game!

Some of the main features of this highly addict it’s new app include:

-Top quality professional graphics that will capture your eye and transport you to the parking scene instantly!

-Extremely easy game play: just move the blocking cars so that you can park in the right spot!

-Increasingly challenging levels that will have you at the edge of your seat from the start!

-Super simple interface that makes it easy for the young AND the young at heart to play and have an amazing time!

-Perfect way to exercise your brain and improve your overall health while you have a good time!

-Challenge your friends and family and see who can advance the furthest by managing to park with the least amount of moves…Up for the challenge?

What are you waiting for? The other cars are starting to honk and they’re about to take your spot! Turn on you engine and start having fun!