Cave Jewel





































Legend has it that the Morning Pearl is more valuable than all the Jewels in the Cave. Now play this epic Jewel and Pearl game to decide for yourself if this mythical saying is true! Be prepared to be charmed by the mythical gameplay and special effects!

Game objective is to align 3 of the same Jewel or Pearl in a row to power the corresponding symbols at the bottom of the screen, within the designated timeframe. Time left is indicated by the time bar at top of the screen. Once all symbols are filled, you progress to next level. In later levels, some of the Jewel or Pearl combinations contribute to decreasing the fill of the symbol, so be careful!

Select the desired Jewel/Pearl with the Fire button, and potentially swop it with the neighbouring Jewel/Pearl with the Up(2), Down(8), Left(4), Right(6) keys. For touch phones, just swipe the desired Jewel/Pearl up, down, left, right.