Colour Flashlight

Color Flashlight : Torch LED Flashalert On Call & SMS

Light When You Need it, Where You Need it

Turn your phone into a color flashlight, police light and led banner.

Color Flashlight app helps you out in the darkest of occasions. Use Color Flashlight to find the perfect seat in a dark theater, or find your way around when the power goes out at home.

Super Flashlight instantly turns your device into the brightest led flash light & strongest torch light. The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the camera LED light.

Color Torch is a beautiful application that has disco lights for your party, has music, has colored torch with LED flash is very beautiful and fun to liven up your party producing a colored flash effect.

Make fun flashlight effects by tapping on the menu button and choosing effect, color, and brightness.

Perfectly usable Different options: Color screen light and then bright strobo light, easy to change to one or the other color. Excellent Easy to handle and it is really bright color! Its very simple to use. User friendly color flashlight.

Get color flash alert to make sure about call or sms on your cell phone ,and with that multicolor flash alert on call and sms and notification , you choose your color for every activity to know what notification enter in your cell phone like I phone example, so you can customize for every application It’s properly color and blinking flash time .

It’s a fast blinking flash alert, is possible today a flash alert on call if you don’t like to listen your cell phone ringing and color flash alert can gave you a flash alert text message in a flash time .

Did you look before how to know a notification by color flashlight alerts comes from with application without touch the phone and save battery and ignore notifications alerts you don’t like and get flash light alert on call and sms whatsapp.

Features :

– Color Flash Light Call & SMS: Torch LED Flash for all your apps, WhatsApp, messenger, facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, imo, …
– Color blinking alert on call, flash alerts second for all your incoming calls.
– color flashlight alert when you get a text message.
– Inside phone alert lights, for all you system notifications.
– color flashlight Notification Color app can be set to work in different phone modes.
– Call and text messages color flashlight without the internet,flash light alert on call and sms whatsapp install color flashlight Notification Color app.
New and exclusive in color flashlight Notification Color app:
– You can set the number of LED color flashlight per message.
– You can regulate blinking frequency for your LED color flashlight per application.
– You can switch flash alerts OFF and ON on your locked devices to save battery life.

★ Beautiful Effects
➣ Normal Flash :- Screen Color flashlight
➣ Camera Flash :- Camera LED flashlight
➣ Emergency light effects :- Strobe light, Police light, Emergency light
➣ Useful light effects (LED Electronic Sign) :- Text, Scroll, Slide, LED Sign
➣ Fun flashlight effects