Cowboy Horse Racing Field

Welcome to the Wild West! In this funny game your dream of having horses finally comes true!


You are a wild horse in the Old West: You love to jump and to race around doing whatever you want. But unfortunately there are greedy cowboys on the racing field trying to catch you in order to tame you and train you for racing games. Therefore you have to escape each and every cowboy. Race fast and speed up: This is a race for your freedom! Will you be able to race faster than anyone else!?


This is a highly addictive horse racing game. In these races the cowboys are your enemies. So you have to dodge the cowboys and jump over the obstacles, speed up and develop a strategy to survive in this amazing animal game.


Choosing a horse

Before entering the scenery you will need to choose one of our horses. Every horse has different and unique abilities for all skill levels – that is, you will need to choose wisely before you start the races.

This is an incredible animal simulator that allows you to have fun with one of the most popular animals.


On the field against the cowboys

Once you have chosen your favourite horse, the race will start. In the field you will face different challenges during the racing. The game is full of realism with tons of special effects, funny sounds, impacts and animals. You will be amazed by the graphics and the sound design of the racing game.

In the racing field you have to develop a strategy to avoid each and every cowboy. This game is fun – full of excitement and highly addictive. Suitable for children and adults. Challenge yourself with these horses!