Cowboy Physics Madness





















Looking for a challenging and highly addictive new app unlike any other? THIS. IS. IT!

The goal is simple; bring the sheriff and the bad guy to their corresponding platforms…but the game is not!

Using your best calculating and physics skills tap on the shapes to make the shapes roll and stop!

Some of the main features of this clever and highly addictive new app include:

-Professional high quality graphics that will transport you to the Wild West instantly!

-Increasingly challenging levels that will have you at the edge of your seat!

-Extremely easy to use interface with increased difficulty along the way. Perfect for everyone AND anyone!

-Brain exercise has been proven to increase and improve overall health. Why not do it while having fun in this mind challenging and highly entertaining new game?

The Wild West is in trouble and the sherif needs your help to bring everyone back to where they belong! Are you up for the challenge?