Crazy Dog Racing

Welcome to the Crazy Dog Race Simulator game! Select your favorite dogs and experience this feeling of being a real

breeder again! lets find out competitive dog racing with our highly skilled .Reach the finish line in first and enjoy this

fantastic race of World Crazy Dog Racing !

Join this unusual dog racing sports game to learn now that how many different breeds can take part in the dog racing!

Crazy Dog Racing is a lapping amusement where you should tap to influence it to run quicker and toward the finish of each race you will win directs which will help you toward open new speediest dog to win this stunning pooch hustling challenge.This game contains several mode to play which includes Quick Race,tournament race,Dog vs Horse race,Dog Vs Tiger,Bet Racing Mode and Dog Hurdle race & stunts mode.Play your favourite racing dog against others and bet what you can, you can play bet racing with any dog, against other dog, and can increase bets if you want.

Earn huge amount of in-game money with these bets on dog race.

This isn’t only a basic race amusement, its reproduction of expert dogs race, where a bunny is running before the dogs need to pursue the bunny with full speed.


This top dog race game have two types of racing modes.


1) Quick Race

It is a quick race against all other dogs, one who chases the rabbit first wins the race


2) tournament race

This is a complete tournament of dog racers, where you participate in knock out style game,the one who stays last, is finished from tournament.