Criminal Physics






















Help! The criminal is on the loose and only YOU can help the police officer get to him!

Looking for a fun and clever way to disconnect and challenge your brain?

The goal is simple, but the game is not!

With the use of your best calculating and physics skills bring the police and the criminal together by using different shapes and tricks along the way.

Some of the main features of this clever and highly addictive new app include:

-Brain challenging levels that increase in difficulty as you advance!

-Amazing professional retro looking graphics that will instantly transport you away from reality!

-Use your best logic and planning skills to choose wisely your next move; because once they start rolling and moving there’s no going back!

-Extremely easy to use interface, yet highly challenging levels: perfect for the young AND the young at heart!

-It’s been proven that one of the keys to overall improved health is brain exercise! Why not do it while you disconnect from reality and have some fun!

What are you waiting for? The criminal is on the loose; and the whole city is counting on you to bring him to justice! Start taping and rolling with this clever and highly addictive fun new app unlike any other!