Demolition Derby Crash Racing

























Get ready for the ultimate arcade racer! How long can you survive the arena? Smell the petrol fumes and enjoy the destruction!

Some of the awesome features of this game:
– Many tracks and race events
– Intense destruction and racing action
– Realistic car damage
– Choose between many all American muscle cars
– Customize and improve your car by earning or buying upgrades
– Choose and modify your car control system to your own preference
– Next to pure demolition events you can race on ovals and dirt tracks
– Smooth 3D graphics and sound effects

Get ready to race and destroy your opponents in demolition derbies and track races (mini ovals and dirt tracks included) that will offer you the thrill of a lifetime. Destruction has never felt so real as you see doors and other car parts smash of your car.?

Some game-play tips:
Have fun smashing and destroying your adversaries, but understand that the game is a quite accurate simulation of the real thing! In this derby simulator limiting car damage is key to becoming victorious and how you smash into other cars makes a big difference. Always try to smash rivals in the side of their vehicle or from the rear. Head-on collisions on the other hand should be avoided. Practice makes perfect!

You have various cars you can unlock. These all have the pros and cons. Be sure to upgrade your cars wisely as the various type of events require different cars. Use armor upgrades to strengthen your endurance; or engine upgrades to boost your speed. To get your upgrades you earn money during races. The better you perform the more you earn. Before a race you can also buy power-ups to boost your performance during a race. The nitro boost will allow you to accelerate super-fast and smash your opponents even harder; or choose one of the other power-ups such an armor booster to strengthen your car during the race.?

If you like demolition games this game is made for you!
3, 2, 1 start your download and join the ultimate demolition derby game experience now!