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Ever wanted to race a dirt bike, but your life just didn’t let you? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Leave all your fears and laziness behind and start your bikes’ engine to start having a blast!

The goal of this clever and highly addictive is easy: Reach the end of the path without falling or crashing along the way. Sounds like an easy task? PROVE IT!

Some of the main features of this adventure packed app include:

-Extremely easy to play, yet challenging even for the pros!

-To play simply tap on the screen. to move just tilt your device. As easy as that! Up for the challenge?

-Amazing professional graphics that will capture your attention and transport you to the racing field instantly!

-Challenge your friends and family! Prove to them who is the real racing pro!

-Super easy to use interface; so simple anyone AND everyone should give it a try!

What are you waiting for?! Let’s test your reflexes and driving skills in this dirt bike racing app that’s unlike any other!