Fast Unzip Unrar Tools

Fast Unzip Unrar Tool is a simple tool which can decompress more than 30 archive format. 7zip, Rar, Rar5, Zip, Tar, Gz, Bz2 can be decompressed using this tool. Password protected and multi part archives are supported. No purchase or fee required. All supported features are listed below –

RAR5 is supported

1. Can decompress 7z, Rar, Rar5,Zip, Tar, Gz, Bz2, Xz, ISO, Jar, Apk, Zipx, Lzma, Cab, Deb, Rpm and more.
2. Can extract password protected archive.
3. Can extract archive split into multiple part or volume.
4. Can extract from attachment or downloaded files.
5. Unicode supported.
6. Can extract files more than 2GB.
7. Multi threaded extraction on supported devices.