Fireman Arcade Puzzle





































The firefighters need to get to their station and only you can help them! Help!

With the use of you best logistics and calculating skills, get ready for a mind challenging game UNLIKE ANY OTHER!

The goal is simple; bring the yellow firefighters to their yellow bases. However, the game is definitely not as simple!

Some of the main features of this clever and highly addictive new app include:

-Extremely easy to use interface, anyone AND everyone will love to play this fun and exciting new game!

-High quality professional graphics and effects that will capture your attention instantly!

-Increasingly challenging levels that will have you hooked from the start!

-Excellent way to exercise your brain! It’s been proven that in order to improve overall health, brain exercising is crucial! Why not do it while you have some fun?

-To play simple move the firefighters into open spaces until all the yellow firefighters are in their stations. Sounds easy? PROVE IT!

-Think you are the best at it?! Challenge your friends and family to see who gets to the goal in the least amount of steps!

What are you waiting for? The firefighters are eager and ready to help, they just need YOU to get back to their stations to help others! start thinking and moving while you have a great time!