Homerun Clash

The Homerun Clash festive competition is held for the world top sluggers.

Various players from different background gathered in one place to win trophies and massive rewards.

Join the most thrilling match in superb stadiums designed only for a home run derby!



– Compete with players worldwide in real-time

– Beat your opponent with a powerful swing and get the trophy!

– Collect victory trophies and raise your world ranking.

– Weekly league ranking updates! Aim for the higher league!


Play various game modes

– 1vs1 Match: Be a winner in a 1vs1 match!

– 4 Player Match : Last one standing wins!

– Challenge Mode! Practice is the key to success. Enjoy the Single Mode as well!


Home run derby game met artful strategy

– Obstruct your opponent’s batting by hitting the various items on the stadium.

– Utilize strategic skills to improve hit power and debuff an attack from the opponents.


Upgrade card collection

– Earn chests from victories & free chests!

– Unlock & collect batter, equipment and skill cards to strengthen!


Fantastic batter characters

– Check our intriguing batter’s stories. The son of the legendary hitter and secrete agent etc.

– Make appealing characters dressed up with costume items. Not only for a good looking but for a powerful status!


Superb stadiums designed for a home run derby

– Various theme stadiums from the modern city, Time City Park, to ancient remains, Mega Stone Island.

– Enjoy spectacle size of home run derby stadiums!