Mahjong Chinese New Year

























Celebrate Spring Festival  with Mahjong Chinese New Year Enter the year of the horse with the only Chinese New Year themed mahjong solitaire game available exclusively for Android!

Happy New Year with Mahjong

Take a trip to Shanghai and experience the unique atmosphere of Spring Festival for yourself with the timeless classic of Mah-Jongg. Prepare for a tile-matching adventure, full of Chinese dragons, colorful fireworks and mystical gods.

The goal is simple – match open pairs of identical tiles to clear the board as quickly as possible. A tile is free for matching when it has no tiles on its left or right side and there is no layer on top of it. Only then it can be paired and removed to unveil what’s underneath it or to unblock a neighbouring piece.
Mix and match your way through the each level as quickly as you can to unlock and conquer the next one. This ancient Kyodai game has been stimulating people’s brains and testing their logic and sequential thinking for ages, so give it a try and see if you have what it gets.
Mahjong Solitaire is a perfect exercise for keeping your brain sharp and snappy.

– Plum Garden island
– unique music and sound effects
– 15 levels
– animated characters