Prison Rush : Dog Attack










Take the role as an expert police dog to stop and hunt prisoners. Use your sniffing skills to chase down and escaping dangerous criminals with Prison Rush : Dog Attack.  Assist the police officer as a skilled K-9 cop dog.

Prison Rush : Dog Attack is an action packed crime games with the best chasing jail break prisoners and catch the criminal. As a trained security police dog officer, your duty is to keep an eye on any suspicious activity involving fighting prisoners and jail break criminal escape.

Surprise dangerous criminals and never let your town turn into a crime city! Enjoy Prisoner Escape Police Dog game in city jail break crimes environment and help cops to save the prison.

Help police to chase and catch hard time criminals.

Features of Prison Escape Crime Police Dog

  • An Interesting prisoner escape Simulation game
  • Real time Police dog simulator Game Play
  • K-9 Dog Sniffing and catching criminals Action Pack Game
  • Realistic jail environment
  • Easy and fun entertainment to play as Police Dog
  • Extreme action simulation packed challenging missions