Slide Me Out





















Get the best-looking block unblock puzzle game and enjoy the stunning graphics and smooth game play!

The goal of the game is to get the marked block out of the board by sliding it over the designated area.

Drag and slide all obstacles to move them out of your way to victory!

Unblock your piece as quickly as you can to earn all 3 stars and extra speed points.

‘Slide Me Out’ offers four difficulty levels that will challenge your sequential thinking.

Unblocking a single piece of the puzzle in ‘Expert’ mode can take you on a journey all around the game board. If you don’t put your logic and memory to work in the smartest way, a single level could take you hours to complete.

Only after the block is set free the next level will unlock and you can move on!

As old as the world itself, this timeless classic offers countless hours of unblocking fun.
• 400 Challenging Levels
• 4 Difficulty Settings
• Increasing Difficulty
• Score Tracker