Zappers is the simplest, yet most addictive bubble blast game that tests your strategy and sequential thinking. The main goal of this logic puzzle is to select and blast the right bubbles which will trigger the biggest chain reaction and help you clear the level.

When popped, each bubble sends a shock wave in four directions. The player should make the most of those shock waves as they can either damage or blast near-by bubbles to trigger a chain reaction.

The puzzle is successfully solved only after all bubble tiles have been blasted.

Sounds Easy?

Try clearing each level within the limited taps that you are given.

– 350 puzzling levels that will challenge you for hours
– Special hints to help you solve the puzzle
– Cool graphics and sound effects

To clear a level you need to pop all bubbles on the screen with a well-planned chain reaction.
1. Pop the green bubble to make a chain reaction
2. The red one needs 2 hits to burst
3. The yellow one is even stronger and takes 3 taps/hits to pop
4. The orange is the strongest one and has to be hit 4 times to burst